Why do I dream about my first love/highschool sweet heart when I fight with husband?

When husband and I fight almost 90% of times when we don't talk to each other after the fight I dream of my first love.
In the dream its always a similar theme, we end up meeting after a long time apart, at uni or highschool or we are close or talking to each other. And when I wake up I search his facebook and see what he's up to in life (we don't talk anymore obviously).
FYI I left my first love for my husband because he wouldn't ask for my hand in marriage after a five year relationship (boyfriends don't exist in our culture).

Why do I dream about my first love/highschool sweet heart?


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  • You fight 90% of the times with your husband? that is definitely not a good sign. Well you must be dreaming about your first love because first love is something you can never forget, your first love no matter how it was it will never leave your mind, it will never leave your heart. That person will stay inside you forever.

    You may have moved on, you may have got married to someone else but still nothing can take the place of your first love especially if it was good.

    The reason you are dreaming about your first love is because something that should have happened didn't happen and so you had to take the decision even though you didn't want to.


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  • It's just your mind playing tricks.
    Please don't think too deep into this.
    Instead, make up with your husband and work to make your relationship stronger than it was yesterday.


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  • Could be something you are uneasy about- especially because you don't know what you could've been with your high school sweetheart the fact that you left him for your husband could leave you with unresolved feelings.

  • Maybe you are in the "what if" stage

    • What's that? :)

    • Like you're questioning yourself how it would have been like if you were with him