Girls, Guys, Do you think my wife is too over protective?

Me and my wife are having twins in January she is really scared of something happening to them. She didn't even want kids. She said our kids aren't going anywhere until they're 13. With all the bad stuff happening to kids these days she can't trust anyone. She said they're not going to public schools. She'll put them in a private school or she wants me or her brother to home school them. She's not letting them go to the doctors she wants to make house calls to the doctor. My friend is kind of a doctor she wants him to take care of them. She said they're not going to Disney World she hates Disney anyway. They're not going to an amusement park or a fair. If they do they're not gonna ride the Ferris wheel. They're not going to movies until they're older. She's not even taking them shopping or to church. She doesn't even want to go to the hospital to have them she wants a home birth. She doesn't know what she'd do if something happened to me or them. I told her we live in a safe community where everyone knows almost everyone but she still can't trust anyone. But luckly for us we haven't had bad stuff happen in our county yet. The only thing that happens one in a while is car crashes. She doesn't even drive me and her brother drive her everywhere. I don't mind it. I know she loves our kids and she's trying to protect them but I think she's a little too protective. What do you think? How can I help her feel better?


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  • She is a lot overprotective. They're not even there yet