Do you hope to get married?

Is getting married something you want to do? It seems like more and more people are staying out of getting married. So, do you want to get married?

  • Yes
    70% (55)70% (44)70% (99)Vote
  • No, never
    13% (10)17% (11)15% (21)Vote
  • I've been married and I never want to get married again
    4% (3)2% (1)3% (4)Vote
  • I've been married and I want to marry again
    1% (1)2% (1)1% (2)Vote
  • Undecided
    12% (10)9% (6)11% (16)Vote
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Most Helpful Guy

  • yes- been a dream of mine for a hot minute. To have someone to come home to- don't get me wrong, being single is great... but having that lady there with you, the whole shebang-a-bang, is something I want.

    • No offense, but this sounds more like you want a permanent Fkbuddy.

    • That is so stupid, kitty, that I won't even dignify it with a response....

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  • I'm married and I'm very happy with it. I'd do it again! So many years and still in love.

    My option wasn't there thus I picked the D option, which is nearest.

    • That is just fabulous...unfortunately very few people can say the same.

    • It just takes goodwill from both partners: pick that partner with good will and do not abuse her/his good will .

  • I don't believe in marriage, if it doesn't work one side gets out of it better then they came in, the other person comes out worse.

    I believe in living together, raising kids together and growing old together but not marriage.

    • Isn't living together, raising kids together and growing old together marriage.

      I'm not sure I quite understood you.

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    • My husband and I knew we wanted to be together as life partners for quite a while before we got married. We made the decision to sign the papers and make the bond legal so that we would reap the financial benefits of marriage.

      As far as sin goes - anything that takes you farther from God is sin. Living together outside of marriage is not inherently evil - allowing this to take away from your relationship with God (if you have one) would be "living in sin." But best not to judge for God though.

    • As far as discussing a prenup with your future wife. If she is unwilling to sign it or discuss it, she is just as guilty of doubting that the marriage will work. A prenup will have no use in a marriage that never dissolves, now will it? Prenups don't prevent or cause divorce - they just make the clean up when things go wrong that much easier. No relationship is immune to problems that lead to divorce - keeping in mind that you are susceptible is good, but allowing it to prevent a bond isn't good

  • Yes, I believe in getting married because I still believe in love; a form of connection that exceeds the boundaries of physical, mental, and spiritual understanding. I just think a lot of people get married without truly understanding themselves and their partners, and that's why we get this vibe that marriage sucks.

    I hope I realize who is the one for me when the time is right, and that's all I could ask for in life.

  • I think everyone wants to get married. Maybe a little too much, which is part of the reason the divorce rate is so high. People jump into getting married too quickly and find after a year that this really isn't the person they wanted to spend the rest of their life with.

  • It would be nice but you don't have to get married to spent your rest of your life with that special someone. If you plan on having a family a marriage just makes it official. Most people who get married usually have a family you know kids, house, dog, etc.

    • Ya that's what I'm asking

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What Girls Said 18

  • I put I've been married and I never want to get married again, but that is because in order to get married again I would have to divorce my husband. I am very happily married right now :]

  • I want to get married actually one of my biggest fears is not getting married! It is just something I want to do in the future. Also in my family my parents aren't divorced and neither sets of grandparents are and my Aunts and Uncles are all happily married so I guess I have a lot of positive models of marriage and that is why I want to get married someday.

  • I'm very traditional like that, but I really do believe in marriage. I just love everything about it.

  • What about the option of "I am married"? I'm not but I think that should be an option. =)

    • Like I told Confused614, that's not the point of this question...

  • I'm not too keen on marriage. Sure, I'd do it if I was deeply, madly in love with a guy I'd been with for a long time AND he really wanted it. But I don't think it's a necessity to achieve happiness or a quality relationship. Plus, I never want children so that defeats one of the primary reasons people do it in the first place.

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