Wedding planning killing our relationship, why?

We've been engaged for the past three months. The wedding planning has been going great, but after a while I feel like all we ever talk about now is just the wedding stuff. She isn't interested in anything else and instead of going on dates, she has planning meetings. Even going out to dinner turns into a night of planning this wedding. This biggest thing is most of the wedding stuff is finished and we still have another month and a half. I think it's causing her a lot of stress so we haven't been acting like ourselves and it's starting to put a strain on our relationship. Any advice would be appreciated


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  • Just manage the wedding as best as possible. Her only worry is just getting married, thats all she wants. At this stage, if your getting married in less than 2 months, what do you expect? The time is closing in, your not going to have much time spending each other until the honeymoon. That means, finances, health records, you two getting tested for disease, all of that has to be done. Your not going to act like how you usually do. But the best part is that you two don't have to do it alone. You can work it together. Don't let this cloud your better judgement. You two came too far. Stress is just stress. It will go away when you two are legally marriage and then you take it from there. But if you do talk to her about it, do be mindful to what you say to her. Pre wedding jitters aside.


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  • that's not good! i think you should remind her about the existence of your relationship


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  • Don't get married.

    • He can married, he just doesn't understand how the procedures works and the time consuming it becomes if you don't have all of this prepared before the wedding day. Otherwise legally it can become a problem with some things. You have to be prepared. She is just stressed a bit. He just needs to be supportive. He'll be fine.