Girls, How do I calm her down?

My fiancée is very stressed with wedding planning. Her friends are being too pushy and she's giving into their ideas out of pressure. She also keeps procrastinating on certain items that are time sensitive. We have 11 months to go. What can I say or do help her through this stressful time? Also, she doesn't really include me in most of the planning and I've asked to help multiple times.


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  • Ultimately, it is really her decision although, you both share a special day. As annoying as it is, most of the time the spotlight is on the bride. Let her come to you with ideas for the wedding. There may be things she needs to compromise with you on or find out what you like to incorporate it. As for her friends, pull her aside from all this, calmly let her know how you feel about her friends/bridesmaids pushing the issue. Let her know, she makes the calls. Not anyone else, but you. Or, tell her friends to back off and let her decide. More than likely half the stress is her friends and planning the wedding itself and as for the time sensitive matters, tell her reassuringly that you can take care of somethings if need be, or call places yourself and find out what you can do to make sure that checks are made and sent and everything will be perfect. If you aren't being included in wedding planning, at least take care of some finances being involved in this.

  • A. She needs to include you in the planning. It's YOUR wedding too.

    B. I have no idea what else to say, sorry! No idea what type of person she is so can't really say how she'd react to different types of things you could do or say...

  • Well start by telling her it's your wedding as well!! And does she have any friends that help her out? A wedding planner?