Is he interested or not?


So I like this guy at my church and all of a sudden he starts treating me differently. Before he would never touch me and tell me to shut up in a playful way. Now, he asks me why I cut my hair and that it used to be all beautiful and long. Then he said I had hair on my shirt and he got it off of me with his hands. Next he leans on me. Secondly he scared me really bad and I was mad so he apologized to me. Then he had said that I looked cute in my pictures when I know that I really looked a hot mess. So does he like me?


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  • I don't know, I would wait for him to propose before you can be entirely sure of his interest in you..

    I'm just saying..


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  • Hmm... well I'm not a guy, but it sounds like he likes you. Don't take my word for it though. I think he's probably a bit on the awkward/shy side which is why he's doing silly things like 'scaring you'. The fact that he says you look cute in pictures and comments on your hair, seems like he likes you. Like I said, I may be wrong...