What's your opinion on those who marry young (18-21 years old)?

I always hear two different sides; one that is for it, saying that if they're happy, then they should marry each other. Then the other side, it may be too early or they're too young to marry each other, they should wait a little bit longer until they know for sure that it's what they want to do.

I am not getting married, but so many friends and friends of friends at my school are marrying each other around my age and even younger. I honestly have no opinion on it, just curious as to what you all think!


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  • A bunch of people I went to highschool with ate married and have kids, and while at 22 years of age it's not something I would choose for myself. There decision doesn't effect me at all, of they're happy then good for them, if they end up divorced, well let's just say my parents married late 20's and they still divorced 😛


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  • I just don't agree with people that meet, date for a few months, get engaged, and then married in about a year or so after they met. As long as you have dated for at least 2 years and lived together for 2 years it should be fine. You need to know this person well enough in order to make a proper decision to marry them. No way can you know someone well enough to marry them after only a year or two. The other issue I have is I think people should be done school and become established in a career first as well just so that their financial situation is secure before they get a house together and possibly start a family.


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  • It's not something that I ever considered doing and I still don't want to think about marriage right now but I guess if they think they can make it work, good look to them? :)


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  • I've never seen a couple together who married young

    • I know a lot of older couples who married really young. However, perhaps they are still together because they grew up in a time when divorce was taboo.

      My grandma and grandpa married after dating for a month. My grandma was 21 and my grandpa 31. They raised a family together and were pretty happy until my grandpa passed away at 75 and my grandma at 92.