If a virgin boy marries a non virgin girl who was promiscous before then wil he ever be able to satisfy her and give a gud life and wil she compare?

If a promiscous girl who had no control over her sexual desires and had casual sex with multiple partners around the town (without the concern of her parents) and then later gets into an arranged marraige with a virgin boy, how and what will make her change her past habits after marraige. Will she keep on comparing, will she give the same experience that she gave to her exes or she will hold it back? And for the husband, how should he deal with her after knowing her past after marraige? Will he have some doubts over her as she was that sort of a person and did'nt reveal her past to him before marraige and got married to him anyway? Last but not the least what if he met some of her exes in near future and had to face them? "Feeling like they know everything about his wife but he knows nothing about theirs. Curious question not reality. Sorry for the length.


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  • If she loved you she wouldn't think of her past. It would be good for you because she could give you explicit instructions for you to please her

  • a man of honor would not marry her... but im just saying...