If she's engaged to a guy, why is she doing this?

She is engaged to a guy. Which obviously means she supposedly loves him. Yet, not only did she give me her number without me asking for it but she also initiates texts. something a girl who isn't really interested in a guy ever does. we got into a fight but she texted me saying I'm sorry and I did the same. then I told her I had my eyes worked on and that I had to get going to sleep cause I was in pain she did her girly "awww" thing. and I said text me tomorrow (yesterday. Tuesday). she did and we talked about her day. she said she had her period and that her boyfriend laughed at her for it. i, being a nice guy, told her that wasn't right of him to do and that I wouldn't have laughed at her. she again did the "aww" and said that's so sweet of you. she finally fell asleep after quite a few texts I don't blame her she had quite a day with some other stuff I didn't mention in this question. so I sent her a text saying. "goodnight, thanks for texting me, and good luck tomorrow (to also text me when you can). If she's so into her guy. why does she show interest in me like she is?


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  • She's probably doing it because she's nervous about getting married and might have cold feet and...chances are is weighing her future hubby against other guys trying to see if she really made the right choice in getting engaged.

    I do think you should probably just tell her 'Hey you're engaged, I don't think talking to you all the time will really help anything or benefit anyone'. Dragging it out isn't a great idea.

    (Though, on one hand. with the 'aww' comments. When talking to male and female friends I know, and they say something like theyre really tired but have work to do *and for somereason are still online* or if they were injured in some non-major way...and..I..just didn't care or really want to write anything longer. I have said 'aww'. But. honestly. Not given a flying crap.

    But it all depends on the person. )


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  • break it off with her and tell her she can contact you again when she is single. the fact that she is telling you about her period and you're not even her boyfriend is a bit weird. It's girls like that, that is only looking for attention.

  • cut yourself off. you're only inviting yourself into trouble. be not tempted by another man's woman!


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