I moved to a new country to be with my man. Is it normal that I know really want him to marry me?

So i met my boyfriend while I was travelling in Australia (im from germany) in early 2014. It was love at first sight but I only met him 4 days before i had to go home.

A few weeks later he used all his sick leave to take a vacation and live with me in germany for a month and we were still crazy in love with eachother.

He went back to Australia and in sept 2014 I quit my university degree, left my family and friends and travelled to Aus on a working holiday visa so I could be with him.

In June 2015 we spent $10 000 on a partner visa so that I could stay in Australia and become a permanent resident and now in 2016 we are still a happy couple. I have gone back to university in Australia and we have a nice house together.
Everything is really good and we have a great happy relationship. But considering how much sacrafice I have made for him I was really hoping he would put a ring on me sometime soon. After all this I just really want a husband not a boyfriend.

Do you think I am right to want to be married?
Should i start making hints that its time for him to ask?


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  • You're right to want to be married but like you said you've spent 10,000 on a partner visa, engagement rings aren't CHEAP. A lot of men stress out over this financially, so unless you want him to propose with a ring you won't like then I would chill out. Plus its only been two years, you're not going anywhere and yes you've made sacrifices because he probably wouldn't have packed up to move to Germany and not to mention australia is easier to obtain these things.. visa.. house etc. If you end up not hearing the answer you want when you make hints you might end up angry so just wait.


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  • I think you need to have an honest conversation with him. It could save you years. If you don't press the issue, just ask, it should be a good start.

  • i think what you did was a mistake, but, that's just my opinion

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    • Because I'm happy being with the person I love in an awesome country

    • im just sayin'

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  • Ok first, 'you both made sacrifices' . You can't rule that out, as you've mentioned in your question, he's helped you a lot, visited you too. Second, don't keep a score. Third, have you ever talked about it? What are his views? Also don't you wanna wait till you finish your education and start earning?
    If you don't, talk to him about it, communication is jey in such situations! I'm sure he'll talk about it and clear your doubts however don't mind your words when telling him what you need.
    It'll be all amazing since you two seen to LOVE each other so much !!

    Answer mine too please?

  • Yes you should