When a man and woman marry each other, how do they cooperate?

I come from a dysfunctional family in which my mother never loved my father (but my father loved my mother) so I don't really know how the wife and husband are suppose to treat one another. How does a properly married couple function?


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  • Marriage system works like this. Men start off with control, or the women allows it for a while until she eventually grabs control. The rug is pulled out from men because men tend to become more beta (aka whipped) as they spend more time in relationship. Eventually the wife is calling the shot. You need her permission to go out, how to spend your money and she sets up and plan some of the things you will be doing during the week day.

    So now not only will you be getting orders at work but at home. Sex dries up and your regulated to providing for your wife and keeping her happy. If you not do this she gets unhappy, divorce rape you and you are on suicide watch.


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  • By doing exactly what your parents (or at least your mother) failed to do.