How long did it take you to all in love?

I'm totally falling for this guy I'm dating! we went on 3 dates so far and have 2 more planned for next week so far. My mom and dad fell in love with each other on their 2nd date. married now for 28 years. :) how long did it take you? who usually falls faster guys or girls? and what was the moment that you just knew you were falling or had fallen? Example, mine was we were next to each other and I looked at him he said what? so I then said nothing. he then looked at me and I said what? he said nothing and then we both looked at each other and just the way he looked at me I could feel it, it was crazy! So what was yours? and how long did it take? did you end up with him or her?


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  • i have fallen in love many times within minutes of meeting a girl , other times its been a week or two , I've fallen in love countless times in my teens and twenties haha.
    there is no rule book or right or wrong for falling in love , I've been married to my wife for 17 years now and still in love , i realised all the others that i head over heels fell in love with and was sure i would live happily ever after with were just lovely people that were sent to give me and them the life experiences we needed to find the human shaped jigsaw that fitted perfectly with the person i was destined to meet.

    i'm still friends with a few of my ex girlfriends who loved me and i them and some of them also found their jigsaw piece later down the line.

    you could find the right one in a second or 3 dates or 3 years or never
    but all i can say is if you are willing to bend with a person other , be honest, be patient , be forgiving in a fight and be able to talk to and listen when they need to talk , you have probably found your jigsaw peice.
    good luck :)

    • thanks! I like your answer! i fell in love before but this one is different. the first date i was hesitant bc i had my guard up a little but it totally collapsed and when he looked at me this one time i felt it, it was crazy! we have been on 3 dates now and we are going to get together tomorrow too and a date on Monday or Tuesday and Friday :) i feel soo crazy for him and i know I'm falling in love with him and it's different. i wish everyone could feel the way that i do just pure happiness.


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  • With my first girlfriend it only took me few weeks and we were in love.

  • 1day to 100days. can be guy, can be girl. when we feeling good.


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  • A few months until lust turned to love, about a year when I felt it was forever

  • I've never fallen in love.