Have you or do you know anyone who has been in love with one and married another (i think I may have to and I want to know if its livable)?

  • Yes but its torture.
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  • Yes and its ok. i still think of him/ her but i usually get by ignoring those thoughts.
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  • No. I could never marry a person while in love with another.
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  • Other.
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  • No but id be willing if the opportunity arose.
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  • Yeah, and I detest such situation.
    However, now I think he has moved on since it's been so long and he completely lost contact with the girl he liked.

    I feel it's unfair to the person who is not emotionally invested in anyone else to be married to someone who has their ex or whoever in mind.
    Make things clear before marriage


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  • No I have not and I don't think I know anyone who has.

    • Would you?

    • No I wouldn't. Would you?

    • im not sire. if i can't be with someone no point letting that interfere with marrying is there?