What are the advantages and disadvantages of being married?

I was just curious. I would like to get married one day but I heard it's very hard work. My dad told me its a HUGE commitment and about love, trust, passion and honesty. This is going to sound weird but I just turned 27 and to be very blunt, I'm not ready or mature enough to get married yet. I love the single life for now but that doesn't mean I wanna be alone for the rest of my life. One day I will meet Mr Right.


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  • Once you get married , you will know the advantages and disadvantages of marriage. These things depend on each individual case. Some marriages break up immediately. And some marriages stretch till the end of their lives.


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  • Boy are you stupid. You said you love the single life and now you're up here asking about marriage? I'm going to be very blunt with you about this. i could never understand people call marriage a "huge work" or a "hard work". You're not going like what I'm going to y, but if marriage for your father was a huge and hard work he should have gotten divorced. You parents not be married at all. My parents have been married for 42 years (married in 1974) and have happy, healthy marriage. Look, it goes like this: u want to get married - get married. u don't want to be married anymore - get a divorce. Why waste your life on hard and boring work, work, work. when it is time to play then? Where's the fun and sex? What's the point?


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  • Advantage: being with someone you really like.
    Disadvantage: being with someone you really don't like.


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  • With the right person I don't think it's HARD work, but it definitely takes time, commitment and honesty. I love being married, having a partner in crime for everything and someone who makes my life better. I love helping him reach his full potential and cheering him on as he smashes his goals. We have our arguments but we've learnt to fight fair and with compassion
    Life is good