What does he mean by there's a "possibility" of being engaged this summer?

My boyfriend and I have been together many years. I bring up asking him if we will be engaged soon or not often. From conversations we have had I asked him about this summer and he said there's a possibility.

But he gets aggravated when I keep asking and of course I want more details.

What do you think he means by there's a "possibility"?

I suppose I'm just trying to figure out the likelihood. Or what it depends on too.


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  • I believe it means that he is considering proposing to you. However your boyfriend may be having internal confliction or disputes about his decision thus why he hasent asked you to marry him. Also because your boyfriend may be having second thoughts about getting engaged to you he might be affraid to express his true opinion based upon his fears of how you would react to his decision of the matter. Depending on the personality of your boyfriend I would say A. he is going to propse to you and wants you to stop worrying about it because he wants to suprise you. B he is not going to propose to you and dose'nt know how to say it. or C. He is considering proposing to you but is having some doubt or second thoughts.


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  • He probably wants to surprise you. Just relax, forget about it, and it will come in time. And if fall rolls around and he hasn't proposed, my guess is he said possibly just to get you to stop pestering him and he doesn't really want to get married. The more you pester him though, the less likely the proposal is to come.

  • Stop asking or else he's never going to propose maybe he doesn't want to get married since he said "possibility"