Do you think we'll last?

My boyfriend and I ran away a couple weeks ago. [he's 18, I'm 17] The police found and arrested us after 8 days of hiding and he went to jail. He got an ROR after the hearing, so he's out of jail, but the catch is that we can't have ANY contact at all until I'm 18, which is in January. Or until he goes to court and the charges are dismissed, which they said could be in a couple months, but I doubt it.

So anyway, we love each other and swear we're gonna stay together no matter what. He told me he bought a ring a couple months ago and was gonna propose, but thought I'd say no so he traded it in for a necklace. He got my initials tattooed on the side of his wrist after he got out of jail<33

I have some doubts that we'll last after 9 months of not seeing or talking to each other :( What do y'all think will happen?

Just wanting others' opinions...


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  • i think you will welll if you both love each ova nothing will pull you away 9 months is a long time but I personally think wen you don't see sum 1 for so long you love that person more I say jus don't worry about things and don't think the negative think the positive and take day by day and if you both meant to be everthing will turn out how you want it hope I answerd that right take care and chin up xx


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  • Well if you have doubts then you won't last.


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  • I think that if it's real love, it won't go away or fade. Your love for one another will grow stronger after being apart for so long.