Girls, if after 5 years of marriage your husband wanted to have an open marriage?

How would you react to this request? Assume these things.

1. He loves you.

2. He says he has always felt this way, just hid it to conform with the "normal" relationship.


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  • I would not be ok with this at all. I would assume that I wasn't enough for him

    • Ok. What if he says it isn't about if you are enough for him or not, he just believes sex to be something like a recreational activity?

    • That he should have stated all these before marriage. Your wife might not be ok with this. Even after you tell her and agree not to do this, she'll probably never completely trust you. Because the thought of you wanting other women is always going to be in the back of her mind. At least that's me. Your wife might be more open about this than I am

    • No, I think my wife has a very similar opinion as you do. I just wanted to see what kind of s**t I was up for before telling her. Maybe I won't now.


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What Girls Said 2

  • I would file for divorce.

    1. He doesn't love me THAT much

    2. So basically I could get divorced on the grounds of fraud because he intentionally misrepresented himself to me in the relationship.

  • I would open the house door and say BYE!...theres your open marriage ..


What Guys Said 1

  • I don't care what gender you asked, I have to make myself clear. An open marriage is unacceptable. He may love you, but there's a reason you get married. It's to confirm your love and state that you don't want to be with anyone else. I'm not saying be rash, just talk about it with your husband.