What do you do when you are with a guy you are very close to and...

What do you do when you are with a guy you are very close to and within a few months he has called you his ex? He's been very up front about his feeling for her, but you have this hope that he will let you go as you two have become VERY close. He's everything you want in a man--honest, open, caring--but your heart is getting hurt and you're afraid you won't find anyone like him again. What in the world do you do?


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  • Nothing.


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  • For me I will think that what kind of this guy is,within a few month he's calling his girlfriend is his ex? I would wonder what he is really feel,love or infatuation. There is two different thing about love and infatuation. From the many information that I get from internet and books. I finally found this two meaning things. Infatuation just only last for month, it is like a process. The first stage, he would really in to you,give anything what you want,but then slowly the situation change because what he is feeling is not remain like the first stage. It is fading away day by day. True he is good as you said because that is him but the thing was what he is feeling right now was not consistent and it is not his fault. He is going away because this is not he want that he search from this life,he want something more than that,a feeling that he never felt before which was love. Love is a complicated things that we cannot explain by words because what we feel is so strong until its make you never want anyone else except the person you fallen to. In this situation a guy will tell the truth things to you based on how he is feeling and he meant what he says. This stage will remain as long you are not hurting them because during this situation, they are very sensitive like us and if you feel the same too plus you treat him beautifully. Don't be surprise that he will propose you.