Is this the season?

OK. So I love my boyfriend, he loves me. We both want to spend the rest of our lives together and grow old, have kids, etc. Well recently we have discussing more near future changes, that includes getting married and living together. And he's hinted about us possibly becoming engaged by the end of the year. now I am surprised and excited but at the same time scared since he is my first boyfriend (not to say I haven't dated, just nothing this serious). So not knowing what to do, I try to keep my mind from thinking about what he's going to do. Which is really difficult. surprisingly enough ha ha. Anyways, recently there seems to be more commercials and advertisements about weddings or engagement rings, so I was just there a specific season for weddings and engagement or is it just me?


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  • Summer is wedding season and usually Sep thru Feb are engagement mos (worked in jewelry through college). June is the #1 wedding month...good weather for outside weddings. So...if you want to save money on jewelry he should get the ring this summer (hint to help you along) and look for clearence dresses end of summer for you to save money. Also, good luck, but if you are nervous just do not rush into the marriage. Keep to what you are comfortable is SO easy to get swept away w/wedding planning and forget why you are getting married so go at your own pace. It is not unusual to have this w/your first what you consider bf...happened to me too (not so happy ending though because I wasn't ready and he was not the one). So...keep it at what you are comfortable with and be happy...this is a great thing to happen to you! Enjoy the time so you can remember it fondly!


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  • weddings are a sign of commitment.. Engagements are kind of like a look down before you take the plunge and give you an out if you really can't commit - or alternatively is a period of time to show that you are ready and indeed committed for marriage.

    • Ok. thanks for the comment, but that did nothing to answer my question. just explained the difference between engagement and weddings. which I already knew. =/

    • Sorry, I misread that thought you said reason rather than season... yeah there probably is a season, because the weather is nice, or people like to have babies a certain time of the year...

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  • Its like when you buy a car, all of a sudden you see that car everywhere wheras before you never noticed them. People say when they are pregnant, everyone is pregnant. You are just more intune with those things because that is what is on your mind, so weddings is obviously on your mind so you totally are going to notice them now.

    Can I ask a question, would you consider moving in together first engaged or not?

    • We pretty much spend a lot of time together and we have our own things at the other persons place. so it already feels like we live together, but we have been discussing the idea of living together after we get married. but since we both want to wait a few years before getting married and moving in together (finishing school and what not), it seems like we're considering engagement before moving in together.

    • I am 34 and I have been married, I have been seperated almost 2 years. If my age and experience has any merit, my advice is to move in first before marriage. Seriously, living together is a HUGE test of endurance and believe me marriage is like a marathon. Just when you think you did all you can to prepare for the race once you start running it you can't turn back. I agree in the finishing school. Woman need to be financially independent even when married. Good luck!

  • Weddings are a contract..nothing really romantic about them. They are just a sort of handshake really, like closing a business deal.

    So don't get too emotional about that. The emotion is in how you feel about each other!