What do girls think about name-changing?

Like when you get married...I was just curious. I've heard some girls think that its a symbol of male superiority, I don't think so...I think its just traditional thing to do...but its not big deal if a girl wants to keep her name either...but I have to admit...I would feel a bit offended if a girl didn't want to take my name...but I'm sure Id get over it.


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  • I'm totally for equality but to me, part of marriage is changing your last name to your husbands. Maybe it's old-fashioned, but that's my opinion. Not that I think everyone has to.

  • my opinion is if you want to get married, the girl should be 110% willingly change her name to his. it's old fashion and traditional but that's they way I was rise. I would want to change my name to his when I get married


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