How do I make my guy friend tell me he likes me?

He told my best friend he likes me. But he has not told me do I make him tell me with out making it seem weird and blaaahh :/


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  • Well think about it, its a gamble where he has a lot to lose, which makes it difficult. For example, he wants to tell you (especially if he told your bff) which shows that he is looking for some signs from you. Telling your bff will give him a sign, if she goes "uh no!" then forget it. If she goes "oooOOOooo!" then he will feel that he has a chance. How do you make him tell you? Well give him something that will make the gamble pay off if you get me? Remember he has a lot at stake, girls always say "yea we can still be friends" but all guys know it never is the same. So if you give him a sign or hint or just some push in the right direction (leave that up to you) to get his confidence up then I see no reason why he wouldn't! :). I mean I would, I like this girl and cus we're such good friends, I don't want to risk everything with a blind gamble, so as soon as I get a sign I won't waste any time in telling her!

    So long story short, give him a sign to get his confidence up so the risk will be worth taking :)

    Hope it helps :)


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  • Do you like him?

    If yes then why don't you tell him you like him?

    I think you are either very old fashioned or too proud and just can't accept the fact that girls can initiate too. Stop watching all the romantic movies where it is always the guy that proposes.

    Try to be a bit more modern and open minded.

  • why don't you tell him that you like him and initiate the relationship yourself?

  • If you want a relationship let him know, flirt with him, play tease etc create sexual tension. If the relationship ends usually the friendship ends to.


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