Why does a man have to propose to a woman; why can't it be vice versa?

why does a man always have to get on 1 knee and say he love her etc. etc. and say will you marry me why a woman doesn't do it? most of the time woman force the men to marry them by saying lets get married or if you love me you would marry me if he don't he gone get the silent treatment and even more punishment but back to what I was saying why can't it be vice versa?...this just ran threw my head as I was sitting here fighting my sleep


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  • Well, I definitely don't agree that "most of the time women force men to marry them". Yes, some women act this way, but I don't think its the majority.

    I think marriage should be something that both people come to a decision about together, not one person wanting it and having to convince the other person.

    I think a lot of women wait for the man to ask because this is the way its been traditionally, and I think that a lot of women want to experience the "romance" of having a guy propose to her.

    Personally, I don't care if my boyfriend asks me or if I ask him. Yeah, it would be romantic to have him ask me, but I don't think its necessary. When I have the money to buy him an engagement ring, I plan on asking him to marry me if he hasn't already asked me. We've talked about married before and we both know that eventually we want to marry each other, but we haven't made the move to get engaged yet (mostly because marriage probably won't be in our immediate future, we have both recently finished school and have a lot of student debt, so we're waiting until we're more financially sound).


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  • I've heard of girls asking guys and I think it's just weird. That's just how it's done and if a guy doesn't have the balls to get down on one knee, tell me how much he loves me, and ask me to marry him then I don't want to marry him.

    • A female have a mouth and feelings to how would the guy know you love him? saying you love someone you suppose to love everybody if your a christan

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    • No I'm saying you can say you love somebody back when it can be the everybody love and not the passionate love. that's why I said if your a christain you suppose to love everybody. because after the male propose the female say yes and I love you too she never goes into details or nothing of that. its been a study that females uses more words than males do.

    • If I'm telling you and showing you that I love you all the time how could you not know it? I just feel that guys should propose to girls, if a girl wants to propose to a guy then fine but I won't be doing it

  • It can be both ways, but yes I see your point. Clearly more guys ask then girls. I think it mostly has to do with tradition, it used to be that guys always asked and people just go with it. Also I honestly think that the girl needs to hear the guy say that they want to be with them forever, because the girl might be afriad the guy said yes so as not to hurt her. Guys are usually stereotped into being the more flighty kind and more afraid of comitment. And like as said before it is so much more romantic.

  • because I think most guys don't like girls who are that aggressive...and I swear I asked a few guys out or message them and then they freak out...like WTF...i like this one guy and when him,some other guy friends and me (the only girl) went out to the movies...afterwards I kissed him good night on the cheek to show him I like him and I think he kind of knew I liked him and he thought I was cute but then when I asked him next time he said yes but then cancelled! and guess why?! because he thought I was too aggressive to kiss him on the cheek and I found out through a friend..and I'm pretty sure he liked me too but then that ONE move just flipped a switch! lol I mean maybe it was a little too much well I don't know. but don't guys like chasing girls?!

    • Yea but when you chase for so long your like a chettah you just get tired and stop chasing and wait on the next 1(female) to come by

    • Well work on that stamina! lol jk

    • Lol

  • It's tradition.

  • I'll speak for myself.. I think, as girls, we know when we want to be with someone for the rest of our lives a lot sooner than guys do. Although people will want to argue over it, I do believe it's true that guys are afraid of commitment more than girls are, so it's more of a reassurance for a guy to ask because he's clearly ready, or as ready as possible. I get the feeling that if all girls ask guys as soon as they truly knew their significant other was 'The One' it would freak them out and they'd probably flee. Of course I could be wrong but this is just my opinion. By the way, my view on it is: if a girl proposes and the guys says yes, he better change HIS last name to HERS. Its only fair, am i right?☺


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  • personally I think there should be give and take, not one gender should do all the work, but personally, I wish more girls would ask guys out, initiate dates and relationships, but for marriage, I don't mind that just being the guy's job.

    • What I'm saying is they have feelns we have feelns they have a mouth we have a mouth woman want guys jobs (feminist) why won't they do a guy job? you always see the guy doing everythang. when something goes wrong its the guy fault. if the wife end up dead the guy had to do something with it. its just crazy to me it goes both ways.