Advice on engagment rings?

Anyone have any advice? Just anything at all. Where to buy, sizes, color,clarity,etc.


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  • Well, the most important thing is to know your girl's taste in jewellry because we're all a bit different. Gold, white gold, silver band? One big stone, a few small stones? Stones set above the band or inlaid into it?

    You get the picture, there are a LOT of options. So how do you figure it out? Well, if you want to keep it a secret from her and blow her away with the ring when you ask, you can always ask her mother or a friend of hers you trust to keep the secret. I helped my best friend's fiance pick out her ring- I knew a little about her taste and then just literally got out the Sears catalogue one day when we were hanging out and started pointing out rings I liked. She, of course, started pointing to the ones she liked and talking about what she likes in a ring. I relayed all the info to the fiance who went and picked 3 rings he liked, then asked me what I thought, and I left him to make the final decision. She loved her ring, and of course after the fact figured out what we had been doing and had a good laugh. As for size, it's hard to guess an exact size without the person there, most rings have to be sized and most jewlers include that in the cost, but be sure to ask when you're buying it.

    Now, if you're OK with popping the question THEN buying the ring, you can let your girl pick out her own ring. A lot of guys are doing this now, one of my good guy friends totally surprised his girlfriend by proposing and then let her pick her own ring a week later. She was happy to get to pick her ring (she's a very particular person). As an added bonus, here you don't have to worry about sizing because she's right there.

    Good luck!

    • Yeah I've actually asked her already but I want the ring to be a surprise. Maybe I'll just have the surprise be us going to pick one.


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  • You may want to visit the web site They sell some of the best diamonds in the world. In the menu, click on 'guidance' and it gives information on how to purchase an engagement ring, the 4 "C"s in selecting a diamond, mountings, etc. You don't have to buy from them because they are very expensive but the information might be helpful.

  • Go to a website.

  • You were engaged?

    • Yeah that was pretty damn stupid and pointless. It wasn't even like a real engagement. Super long distance. How did you find this question? ha ha It's 5 months old.

    • I answered an engagement question lol and this popped up after I submited my answer

  • Congratulations!

    Diamonds that are clear and worth more and probably will be more expensive, but have pretty quality. Some diamonds will be certified which is a plus if you can afford them.

    Also, definitely go to a respected jeweler.


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