Cyber love ends happy? Any stories, please.

I think some of us at least once had an experience of cyber love. I mean one day we meet someone online, chat, then start to like each other, then feel that person is getting closer and closer. And only distance is a barrier. You are in Canada, your love is in France, for example.

Do you have happy end stories? Have you met your love? Maybe you are happily married today?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Nine years ago I was checking out AOL Personals on a lark. I saw this cute girl, thought, "What the hell?" and wrote to her. We had our first date three weeks later (March), moved in together in July, got engaged in August and were married in January. That's a span of 10 months for anyone who's counting. We've been married eight years and have a beautiful daughter.

    It happens. Not all the time, of course, but it does happen.


What Girls Said 1

  • Five years ago I started chatting with a guy on a cell phone chat site. He seemed interesting and also very nice. We chatted and then started talking on the phone and started planning meeting each other. The problem was we lived 700 kilometers apart. But I decided I wanted to go see him, as I was in between jobs and he was working. It was a 10-hour bus ride, but I remember that trip as one of the greatest journeys I've been on. He waited for me at the bus terminal, it was 10:30PM when my bus got there. I was so happy to see him in person, and it felt like I've known him all my life! During the next day it became clear to me I never want to part with him again in my life! We were so happy and everything felt like we knew each other for before. Three weeks later I travelled back to where I lived to inform my family that I met the love of my life and that I'm moving to his city. We lived together ever since and are engaged to marry. Every time I think of that cell phone chat site, I smile and say to myself "Thank you, AirG!"