How do I know what he wants?

if a guy tells you he plans to marry you, does it mean that he has strong feelings towards you?

I think he does :)
Thanx Everyone, yeah I don't even THINK about getting married at this age, I won't get married for another couple of years.


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  • Is this guy under 18? I doubt seriously that he plans to marry you. It sounds nice and everything.. but it could be a way for him to manipulate you.. How well do you know im? Have you dated a while? Some guys say " I love you" to get a girl in bed. 18 is kind of young to be saying this kind of stuff... Do you two work? Do you go to school? Going to college? You have some other plans for your future I hope -- Telling you he wants to marry is very romantic and all but not very realistic. Please don't get lost in the fantasy.. Stay grounded and realize that you have an ENTIRE lifetime ahead of you... and how much have you dated to even know who you want to marry? Just stuff to think about. I'd go pretty slow with this guy.. Sounds like he's rushing you. Hugz.


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  • yeah I would say so. but a little piece of advice, since your under 18, wait a few years. early marriages usually don't last. just sayin


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  • i think he does have strong feelings toward you and if you love him and he really loves you back then get married, but sometimes its hard to stay married when you're young and have big plans(I don't know if you do or not but still) don't get married right away well even if you wanted to you couldn't make sure though that your futures are put first because you never know if the marriage will last some do some dont... and don't believe people when they say early marriages don't last they do, not all of them but they do last if he really loves you and you he then he will probably marry you don't believe it when people say he won't marry you because you never know