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Stuck in a miserable marriage...... no idea what to do....

My mother's husband is, for lack of better word, OBSESSIVE. and unbearably obnoxious, to everyone in the family. He's constantly hovering over her,... Show More

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  • Get a restraining order against him and try and keep sole custody of the child. That's all I can think of. He sounds so gross, I'm sorry.

    • Yeah, I'm sorry too! The only good that I can scrap up is that it has scorned into my brain to NEVER get married.. be free forever

      with the custody battle, how could she get sole custody?

    • Well he'd either have to concede, or she would need to bring evidence to the case that he's not a suitable parent for their child and she wouldn't be safe in his care. Although that is where it gets ugly since it's basically an attack on his character, but hey, whatever you need to do to free you guys from this perv, do it.

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