I don't want to seem pushy, and I don't want to crowd his space... should I forget about him and move on?

OK so I met this guy threw one of my friends. We hung out for a little bit at one of my sisters horse shows. He asked for my number, and I gave it to him, and I also got his. He texted me twice, and added me on facebook. The friend that I met him threw (His best friend.) also told me that this guy likes me... but I haven't heard from him in like a week... And I don't want to texted him, cause I don't want to seem pushy, and I don't want to crowd his space... should I forget about him and move on? Should I wait for him to text me? Or should I text him? Please please help me out here... Thanks

Thanks for the advice... but I'm not looking for a proposal, or for him to say that he loves me. Right now I just want the guy to talk to me... and if possible to ask me out on a date or to hang out.


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  • Take it slow, the guy hasn't proposed yet, don't rush things and don't loose hope this is a life time thing and anything to do with relationships should be tackled slowly.Wait for him to start if He doesn't check whether he is the fear guy, if he is start instead, if it will make things simpler but remember you will have to do a research of whether the guy is so shy that he can't propose himself or its that he sees you only as a friend and not what you think.


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  • my opinion , don't forget about him and I think you should text him . maybe he will tell you later that he loves you .

  • Well if you want to talk to him go ahead and do so, you have all the right to tell him you like him and would like to get to know him better, that's not being pushy it is just speaking your mind, he might want to get to know you better too, if he likes you as only a friend he will tell you and if he is annoyed or something, well, probably not the best guy to hang out with if he won't even let you speak your mind. Think about it, but if you never talk you will never be heard.

    • I asked this over a year ago. The guy and I talked for a while, and almost went out. But him and I haven't talked for months... but thanks for the advice anyway...