How do I propose to my girl?

Hey how do I propose the right way, what should I say? I'm having a hard time HELP!


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  • That's kinda personal I think, but one great advice I give you is: if you think there's some chance she'll say no, don't do it in public. If you think I'm wrong, youtube for Proposal Fail and you will get some examples... (yet some girls think that a public proposal is very romantic, but it's up to you to take the risk, afterall you're going to ask her anyways, aren't you?)

    But well, you don't need to think too much on what you're going to say... a simple "would you marry me?" is enough. I think you gotta be romantic and get her off guard, try to be funny, but not ridiculous... a mention of some funny moment you guys had together, anything to make her laugh to relieve the "pressure" you know...

    And last but not least, PLEASE don't put the ring in a cake or something she may eat. Trust me, it's just not a good idea.


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  • I think you should take her someplace that is special to you. It could be the first place you kissed, or where you met, or some place that you determined was "our place". You should tell her you love her before you ask. A long speech isn't necessary, but saying something about how special she is or what she means to you would be good. Then, get down on one knee and ask.

    Best of luck!

  • It should come from the heart. If someone has to tell you what to say then you're not proposing for the right reasons, or you're just not ready, or you doubt that she isnt... subconsciously.

    • Could I be trying to hard and just let it come off the top of my head?

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  • Step 1 buy ring

    Step 2 get on knee

    Step 3 beg...

    Step 4 stalk her till she agrees...