How can I get her into me again?

There is a girl I work with and she is engaged. For the first few months we were invisible to each other, but as time progressed we started to like each other and flirt. She says her relationship is dead and she does not plan on getting married. She never talks much about him, she only told me she wished he would break up with her. She says she don't want to hurt him. After four months and a few dates, I get frustrated and confront her because I felt she was just playing games. She did tell me I was moody, whine to too many people, and over analyzed things. I never asked any co workers to talk to her and I guess we both made the mistake of talking to them. I was mean to her and after two days I cave and apologized for everything. She accepted but now I know I really screwed up especially with her thinking I am a whine bag. How can I get her to be into me again? Am I just wasting my time on her? I really care for her and want things to work out. I feel I should continue to keep a low profile and wait for her to break up with her boyfriend. My friends tell me to keep making her laugh and teasing her, but I am so down I can't even laugh myself. What can I do to win her over?


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  • Your a grown man, you should know better than to mess around with another man's woman. Besides she it too mentally weak to end a relationship that she is not happy with, why would you want to be with someone who can't even state there own feelings. Besides, chances are she will do the same thing to you if she ends up unhappy at some point. It seems as though she does not confront the source of her problems rather than sneak around and f*** around. I could never respect a woman like that. I have no advice other than move on. Besides, you work with her, if you like your job, then I really suggest you lay off of her. Just my opinion. Good luck, go find someone who is honest, not just to you but themself as well.


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  • i am in the same situation we're both married but he has no idea how much i like him im just afraid of tge scary big women he's with she like 2x his size mean n quiet he drives for a living lik my man but we dont talk anymore n as bad as i wanna do em.. i can't im scared to even talk to him he might get her after me n dat would be scarey so with that said u just gotta follow your heart if u lik her so bad u can't stand it and she avoidin u den maybe just tell her just talk only bout the situation


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  • Let this one go! It doesn't sound good at all.

    First of all, she is engaged to another dude but then she told you she would never marry the guy. That's messed up! You don't want to be in the middle of it. Can you imagine yourself in the other dude's shoes? What makes you think that you are immune to that? You are not!

    Second, just as she is cruel enough to string along her so called fiancé, she was also cruel enough to belittle you.

    Third, you work with her. Have you ever heard the saying, "Don't sh*t where you eat"?