I'm so confused I'm not sure what to do...Follow my head or my heart?

I use to work with this guy and we became really close talking all the time after my husband and I started having trouble and talking about divorce..but now that things are somewhat better in my marriage but not near great my friend and I are not talking...their were even rumors about my friend and I that were False...but my problem is I have feelings for my friend and am wondering if he is backing off because he may have feelings for me...I don't want to make a mistake by not following my heart


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  • I'm sorry you find yourself in marrital troubles. If by "following your heart" you mean cheating on your husband with your friend, then I'd say do not follow your heart. If you are really unhappy with your marriage, why don't you separate and divorce?


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  • Is he going to question your loyalty if you divorce your husband and get together with him?


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