I want to know if this guy likes me?

we have been talking for about 4-5 months already.. we are just friends.. he has a girlfriend that he rarely sees because of her parents. the guy knows I like him. he always gets jealous if he knows about me talking to other guys, & we have been having sex since July I thought after the first time it would be weird but no.. we go out at least once a week if not its every 2 weeks.. we text a lot and he always hugs me. I mean he knows I like him and yet he sticks around. every time we have sex its like we both totally enjoy it and lay in bed together.. the thing is I just came out of a 5yr relationship (marriage) in which I am processing a divorce I don't know if that is held him back. he is always there to listen to my problems and always listens. he is over protective with me. always making sure I'm safe


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  • 100% yes he does...after reading that there is no doubt.

  • If he spends time with you, contacts you, has sex with you etc he likes you...


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