If a man is engaged why does he take a females phone # when its offered? Cheating?

I'm 26 my man is 29 and we have been together for almost 5 years. Every now and then I need to get a reciept or cash out of his wallet and when I do I find other womens phone numbers in his wallet. The first time he told me he met this older woman at the bar and she gave him her number to meet up a hotel and he said he called her a few times but never met up with her at the hotel like he was supposed to. More recently I had found another number and she was just supposed to be just a friend. I asked him why he didn't nicely turn the girl down and explain he has a wifey and family... Never got an answer from him. Think he is cheating?


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  • If he's not cheating now he will be soon. There's no reason why he would have these phone numbers.


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  • This may not be cheating but it sure is one the edge of cheating. Talking with another woman about meeting up at a hotel.. Forget it I would be done there. Sorry if your engaged this may be the deal breaker sweetie