GUYS:Is he dropping hints?

ok so my boyfriend of 3 years has asked me in jokingly manners to marry him twice and said he had a dream we got married once.He also told my sisters boyfriend that if he got out of the trouble with the law he was in he might marry me because I'm marriage material.He also called me wifey one day and then said well I won't go that far.He asks me if I would ever get married when we see someone on a movie getting married.I know that he did propose to his daughters mother years ago and she told him no and it messed him up a bit.I wonder if he is just making me think he's thinking about it to keep me holding on or is he fishing to see if I would reject him if he ever asks? once he was drunk and we were laying down and out of the blue he says screw it I'm just gonna go to the courthouse and marry ----(my name) then one day we were alone in my room and he said will you marry me but it was like so not serious like it was a regular question and I replied sure your kids donen't even know me yet how is that gonna work and that was that.


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  • I think that he wants to marry you but wants to be sure that you will say yes when he asks. He might want to plan something in a public kind of spotlight and because of what his kids mom did, is afraid you will say no in front of "all those people". If you have no intentions of marrying him you should tell him that but if you are interested, try to be as excited about it as he seems to be to help validated his feelings. Good Luck ;)

  • I'd say... it sounds like he wants to marry you lol