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ok I'm going to TRY to keep this short and sweet. me and my girlfriend have been going out for eight months now(were sophomores in high school) and I really want to marry her and am even in the process of getting a promise ring. and I know that were both young, that's why we aren't actually doing it. and please don't post crap about how we don't know know what were doing. we are full aware of everything that's implied. she means the world to me and I would do anything for her. and this is one of those you'll know type deals there is just no arguing. but what I really want to know is the logistics of this. like talking to her parents, getting the ring, when would be a good time to get married for real, you get the point. I really don't know what to ask but I definitely want responses. so whatever you can think of would be nice. thanks in advance


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  • Ok well askin her parents is a real traditional thing but it will show that you respect her and her family. All you gotta do is get them 2 sit down one nyt perferably when she is not there or arrange somethin with them without her knowning. Then basically tell them ur plans and ask if it is ok with them. I would mention that u's arn't planning 2 get married 4 a while just incase they feel that its the wrong thing 2 do because u's are young. But if you tell them how you feel about her and respect her and want 2 spend the rest of ur lives together then I wouldn't c a problem of them turnin you down. I would c it of kind of like an interveiw though as you gotta prove 2 them ur the bext guy 4 their daughter.

    The ring I would keep it plan and simple maybe with a small diamond in it as you can't go wrong with it. Its what you ring means rather than how brilliant the actual ring is.

    I'm not married but I would c the best time 2 get married is really when things are completely settled. When 1 or both of u's have a career, when u's no everything there is 2 no about each other and when u's have ur own house and have lived together a while. I think things will just feel right when the time comes 4 u's 2 get married.

    Good luck


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  • Before you officialy propose, with the real ring, to be proper and polite. Ask her dad's consent. You'll get a lot more repect in the long run. Wait until your both around twenty one-twenty two. 1. You'll get a lot less bull. and 2. real champagin, also you'll have time to fully sort out your feelings. I doubt them, just to make sure fully and truly.

    A promise ring at the time will be okay, make giving it to her romantic. but not as romantic as the real engagment ring.

  • aww! that's so sweet! Yeah, talk to the parents, and listen to them. Also, you have to make sure you are both ready to financially be married. Anyone can be mentaly ready, but money is always an issue. Where are you both going to live, how is everything job wise, because if one person gets fired, how is the person going to support the other until a job is found? Finish high school at least, and then make the serious plans. I know lots of friends that got married right after high school and have been planning for years! Ask relatives about good places to get the ring (engagement). Make sure you can afford the wedding and the honeymoon. have fun!

  • i think this is the sweetest thing ever! yea, a promise ring is cool :) I just wanted to comment more so than answer :)


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