Do both guy and girl get promise rings or just the girl???

I want to give my girlfriend a promise ring and I need to know does that mean she gives one to me when I get her one or just do I give one to her? And what is the difference between a promise ring and a engagement ring?


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  • Usually, both partners give a promise ring to one another, but I don't think it really matters. A promise ring is more just to say that you have made a serious promise to someone or yourself, while an engagement ring means eternity with someone. Promise rings could mean that you will marry your partner someday, you will remain abstinent until marriage, or something else.


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  • i believe just the girl gets one.but if she wants she can get you a ring. With my ex when he got me a promise ring I got him one just to wear if he wanted. Not really sure what promise rings mean, I guess its a way to say you like someone without saying

    "will you marry me."

  • Well I honestly think its only for girls. But if she wants, then she can't get one for you too. Promise rings are given when you really love a person and is willing to promise that person something important and meaningful. When you give a person a promise ring that doesn't necessarily mean you're getting marriage, but an engagement ring does.

  • I think that BOTH the girl and the guy should get one! SURE I guess it's been traditionaly only the girl but esspecially if its for pre-engagement the guy should wear one to because HE's just as committed to You as You are to him! ur out at a club or anywhere the point is people will know that you are deeply committed to that person!


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