Why do you think, marriage is portrayed so badly in the media?

Have you seen the movie "Hot Shots" with Martin Sheen. I know it's a tad old, but there was one scene in which a soldier is tortured by some "bad guys", yet he resist this torture. The bad guys asked them why he can resist this torture. The tortured guy said: "I've been married... twice."

This was just one example and there're a lot of examples like that, Why do you think, marriage is portrayed so badly in the media?


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  • Hey I'm not sure why marriage is portrayed badly in the media.

    I don't really watch TV at all. I did a few years ago read the tabloids, and I know celebrities get divorces a lot. Like Christina Aguilara got a seperation with one kid, I think David Arquette got divorced, and I know Shania twain also got one. I think Britney spears made her divorce public, and so did jessica simpson (during my teen ages, I grew up listening to some of their music). Anyways, there is the brad pitt and jennifer anniston divorce etc etc, I can go on with a lot of celeb divorces. They usually list something like unreconciliable differences. LIke with tiger woods, you know. The rich get "publicized" for divorces, as if it's OK to get that many divorces. But honestly I think divorces is wrong. But your question is: Why do pubic portray media marriages badly like that movie? I don't know... because to want to be married you have to really work at it I suppose. I am a strong believer that no one is perfect, and the only way a marriage would work is for both to be committed. Some times the guy is but not the girl, some times the girl is but not the guy. Then one of them will give less affection and the other will cheat... etc etc. That's just my opinion I think, I'm not so sure. Again, I don't watch too much TV so I'm not exactly sure how to answer you. sorry my answer was a bit long too...


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  • because marriage is a piece of sh*t and the movies are trying to make light of it.

    • yeah, but why? I mean the people got "involved voluntary" right? So, s.th. changed along the way. But what and why?

  • Probably because celebs can't seem to stay married. So they might as well blame marriage altogether.