How should I deal with the break up?

Me and my ex-fiancé have been together for 1.5 years. We were only engaged for 4 months. Her parents always were giving us a hard time about things and made a lot of stress for us. Recently we started having problems because of this and she broke it off and ended things. Also she had this guy friend who she has kissed long before we dated. And she was mad because I didn't want her seeing him. So that also made problems for us. Its been a week apart and I haven't tried to contact her at all. She texts me every once and a while about unimportant things. I'm just confused. I've already accepted the fact that its over but its like she hasn't. So what should I do?


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  • I think that her parents pressurized her a lot to end the relationship, so she did. Also, I get the feeling that she was unsure of her feelings about you in the first place -- you were serious about her, to the point of wanting to get married, maybe she wasn't? I think the fact that you didn't permit her to see her friend made you come off as controlling and she didn't like it. Maybe things just didn't click in the end and she decided to end it. Who knows? But she likes being chased, from my point of view. Texting you randomly after *she* dumped you is kinda weird. Seems to me that she doesn't want you to move on and live your life without her, but she wants to be able to do whatever she wants at the same time. Trying to get the best of both worlds, really. She knows you were very serious about her and now takes you for granted, even after the engagement was canceled. My advice to you? Don't reply to her texts, why bother keeping contact after everything that happened. You need to move on, and the best way to do so would be to, foremost, delete all traces of her from your life. Not going to be easy but you need to start somewhere...

    • Yeah they definitely did. One of my friends told me that she is now friends with some of her old boy friends on facebook. So that pretty much tells me that we are done. I think she is unsure about her decision but oh well. Yeah I gave her all her stuff back and she gave me back my ring. So I'll try my best.


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  • You're in a tough situation..I feel for you, man. I went through the same thing but did all of the wrong things and pushed my ex away for good. Keep your contact to a minimum and try to calm your emotions.. sign up for this guy's stuff also for some much needed support ==> link

  • Do you want it to be over?

    • no just becuse I was attached. and I honestly loved her.