How did you or your husband propose?

I was wondering about peoples poposal stories, did you know it was coming if you are a girl? Guys how nervous were you, and how long did it take you to do it? what made you realize she/he was the one?


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  • I poposed by wrapping about 50 diffrent boxes,and putting the ring in one! Lol! On Christmas morning. Lol it took her to the last box 30 min later. But her eyes got huge when she opened that box, and said yes before I asked!


What Girls Said 1

  • My guy proposed on skype because we had a long distance relationship. He had been hinting ever since we got together that "whenever you want to get married just let me know" and stuff like that. He really gave me the hint that he was goingto marry me no matter what. He wrote to me in a letter that he would love to marry me and make me the happiest women ever, and that that would be his one life's purpose. Anyways we sort of knew each other from childhood (went to school together) but we found each other again when we were 24 and he was overseas for the army (found each other on facebook). So how did he propose on skype? He was like, if you married me then this and that would happen and it took him 2 hours to try to tell me how it would be once we were married. I was like "whatever" and he was like, seriously so what do you say? I was like asking him a hundred questions to make sure he wasn't marrying me for the wrong reasons. Was it because he was getting old? Was it because he just wanted sex? was it because he was just lonely? Was it because of... this and that. After another 2 hours of skyping I had to get off because it was getting late. It was like getting to midnight and I had a full shift next morning so I was like "yeah OK, I'll marry you some day" and I didn't know that that some day was going to be 3 months later because he said that was the ONLY date he could marry me since he had so much tdy's set up and he couldnt' change them. He gave me a date and I could not refuse. Anyways, so that's how he proposed. He proposed around January 8th 2010 at like 10:30pm. hahaha... anyways, so then we decided that I didn't want an expensive engagement ring and that he should get me some cheap ring that looked nice so we ordered a fake one online that looked beautiful for about $100 but it didn't look beautiful when it came. It was small and it was YELLOW. EW. But it was alright, it was the thought behind the ring that count. The actual wedding ring is gorgeous and we bought that in person when he came back to the states to marry me for a week. Then he flew back and we had to wait 4 months or so for the passport and stuff for me to go to Europe. Ok... hahah... long story but I think I had a strange proposal. It's unique to each person. It definetely wasn't a get down on one knee and romantic dining setting in front of loved ones kind that I see in movies so much, and it was a bit fast but it's alright.