How to show a guy that I care after rejecting him?

a few years ago a boy rang me and told me that he likes me and wants to get engaged to me I panicked and shut the phone in his face without knowing who he was but after about a year I went to one of my family friends house and I was trying to interact with their son but he sort of ignored me when I spoke to him as if I had rejected him even though he did look at me for long periods of time and I was sure that he liked me. he doesn't talk to me like before , I mean before I received that phone call we used to talk and watch movies together and that's what makes me think that he was that guy. I want to show him that I care so I need ways to do so can you please help?


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What Guys Said 1

  • you completely destroyed his self esteem, that's game over. you did, imo, one of the most disrespectful things you can do...u didn't treat him like a person. I mean I feel like you never let someone spit at you, touch your face (that is more for just guys) and you never end a conversation with the other person still having things to say...its messed up. so really just learn your lesson, don't be a bitch, and hopefully things will go better with the next guy. but for this one, ya game over


What Girls Said 1

  • i would make myself available, I would offer to hang out. don't come off too needy, but show that you want to get to know who he is. make it gradual and start flirting with him. don't come off too strong, but don't get your hopes up. because he wanted you before, it doesn't mean he'll want you now. sometimes when a guy gets rejected he's done with the female in question.