Why did he turn Christian?

I went out with a boy for around 8 months - everything was going really well but then he finished it without a reason. He also cut his friends off and stopped going out, he also deleted his facebook which he went on a lot. I then found out he had turned Christian, I don't quite understand as before he turned Christian he was always out getting drunk, he isn't a virgin - he was just a typical teenage boy. Any idea why he has turned it?


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  • maybe he wants to turn his life over to God now.

    maybe someone told him about God and he just decided that was right for him and his life.

    People change all the time. It sounds like you are a bit surprise but it can happen for real.


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  • When one decides to become a christian there are certain things you need to disengage .It's like you are engaged to good things&inturn it means you disengage from the bad.One is engaged to disengage.Note, I'm not saying dating you was a bad thing but may be the drinking&may be some other stuff you two used to do so may be he just felt it right to disengage.

  • He had an epiphany