How to know if a shy guy likes you?

Story? Well you all will kind of laugh thinking 'does this still happen in this day and age?' but it does. I'm in an 'arranged marriage' setup...and I'm 'engaged' to a very quiet, shy guy. He seems friendly though, and there's a history of him being wounded before in the romantic department...he was rejected prior to me coming in his life. So sometimes I feel, he doesn't open up because he's protecting himself from being hurt...and I try to make it seem like I'm normal, and vulnerable and in the same situation. but its so hard to decipher him! now I'm thinking...what if I'm a complete idiot! and he ends up hating my personality!...argh..what have I gotten myself do I decipherrrrrr that he likes me?!?!?


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  • What I would do is cut off the engagement. You should never get married for any reason other than if you truly love someone.

  • He'll lick your a$$ whole.


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