Is marriage getting old fashioned?

Well, what do you think? Would you still consider mariage, even though the odds of success are low?


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  • Well some people would probably disagree with me but when I got into a relationship, I went in with the end in mind. I've never agreed with the idea of dating just for the experience. If there isn't any hope of meeting someone I could possibly get serious with, I wouldn't even start. The reason for me saying this is because I just can't understand why people would put themselves through the actions of dating then breaking up for experience.

    In the end, I i still believe in marriage and I will keep true to what I believe in when I start a relationship.


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  • I would still consider marriage despite the fact that Divorce Rate is so HIGH!

    Too many people now a days choose to divorce too early instead of finding a solution in their marriage which would work best for all of them. Of course there are good reasons and a divorce is a must but most of the time people divorce because of tiny family conflicts.

    I can take a look at my parents. Yes, they fight sometime and have arguments but when they find a solution it makes them even more stronger and closer to each other than they were.

  • I've seen too many marriages crash around my family and circle of friends. It's not about love as much as it's about economics and contracts. I've being in love with girls, but I never felt the urge to sign a contract to ensure how I feel. Yes, that sense of "eternity" is there but it shouldn't be defined by lawful documents. Who is God or anyone else to bind us because of the way we feel about each other?

  • marriage is really just a commodity, lost any real value with the divorce rate the way it is, and how the wording of it is riddled with religion and what not


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