What does it mean when a guy says he gets more angry at you because he "cares" more?

My boyfriend seems to let people walk all over him. This is not just people that he knows but close people.

One person in general, his ex-girlfriend. They only dated for about 8 months and that was almost 5 years ago, however they remain close friends and she calls all the time.

I've been noticing that she has only been calling when she needs something or help/advice. She doesn't seem to call just to hang out or get dinner and all of that stuff. It's been taking a toll on me and our relationship.

When I finally brought it up to him, he agreed that he needed to look at how his friendships were and how people were treating him. He also then told me that he doesn't get that mad about it but always gets mad at me for things because he "cares"

more about me so that's why he yells at me more than anything.

I am so confused...

his ex is engaged, btw.


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  • they were close at one point so they feel like they can confide in each other, although asking him for things isn't cool. I have ex's I talk to, we are like venting buddys, get stuff off our mind. and when he said that to you it means you mean a lot to him so he will have more feelings on what you do. I know this is a bad example but a parent care more about what their own child does then what there best friends child does, its not that they don't care its that they care more about their own so they will get angrier if their own child makes the same mistakes as their friends.

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      i agree, this is a great answer. its kind of how he explained it too. thank you!