He plans our marriage and our divorce?

New relationship and talk of the future is already happening since we get along so well (all on his end, I never brought it up.) However he mentioned that he wants to marry me (as a future possibility) but then has plans on divorcing 20 years down the line. What the hell? How am I supposed to take that? What does it even mean when a guy says that? He has everything detailed and planned, sometimes I feel like I'm just there for the ride.

So guys, what does it mean when you have your divorce set up even before you marry?!


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What Guys Said 1

  • That's not right. I think anything that has to do with break-up between 2 partners should never be talked about because its straight out stupid. If I were to hear something like that I think my feelings for the person would all be gone. If I said something like that to a girl it would be joking and not being serious at all. Date on getting married is something both of you should come to an agreement on. Divorce date? That should never be planned because you never know what's gonna happen and talking about having a divorce date is just a mood killer at least to me it would. You feeling you're just there for the ride is exactly how it seems. It's like going up to a girl and being like "Hey wanna be my gf? But we're only gonna last 2 years" She would be like wtf this guys stupid lol and would reject him. If you love him talk to him about it, if not I would say dump him because he sounds kinda stupid. He's not even acknowledging you and is only thinking of himself. Planning a divorce date is probably the stupidest thing I've ever heard. I would say look for someone else. Hope this helps.


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  • thats insane. how can he say he loves you and wants to marry you and then think of divorce?

    i am 20 and me and my man are talking marriage too, we've talked about children, living together, everything but never divorce! that's something we plan on avoiding for life if possible. seriously, if he's talking like that don't get involved with him longterm.