Doesn't like me or just oblivious?

Well there's this guy I really like and I've liked him for a few years but I've never told him. he's dated a couple people since then but he's broken up with them too. When we first met we were like really great friends and we'd talk a lot and I lived to flirt with him and then we were in a class and two of the girls he sat with asked me when I walked passed if I would go out with him. I wanted to but I didn't know if they were for real because he didn't say anything and so I just said I don't know. that was the most romance came up for about another year when somehow he was told I like him or I think he was because his best friend told me this girl told both of them. However I can't be sure she did because its just the sort of thing his best friend would do to mess with my head and he never mentioned it and just let me go on doing what I normally did until I was finally told about a month later. We don't get to talk as much now but there have been lots a random flirts but I can't tell if he's just screwing with my head or if he's even flirting at all. So with all these signs does he not like me or is he just oblivious?


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  • Why are you afraid to let this guy kno what's up stairs.just stir him up if he is not getting it.It happened to me and this made me felt like gosh I must propose to this just after this game.She used all the power she got as a girl.Had a cologn stuck on ma shirt for me to be hearing it over and over and come on rock him!


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  • It could mean two things here, one: he doesn't know that you like him and his friends are messing with you. Two: He knows but waiting to hear from your mouth. From your story ,he seems to treat you like friend and nothing stand out that indicate he likes you more than friend. Remember Girls or Guys flirt with their friends all the time because they think is harmless. Since you guy don't get to talk much now, this indicate to me that he doesn't know at all and he doesn't like you. If a guy like you then he wants to talk to you and be around you all the time. If you really want to know then tell him that you like him and want to be more than friend and then see how he reacts. Follow your heart and you don't want another girl to snatch him up right in front of you again. The worst he could say is No and yeah is going to hurt but you'll get over it.