How many of you think it should be harder to get married?

So I hear about 50% of marriages end in divorce. I think this is so ridiculous. I also hear getting divorced is a very long and unnerving process. So, shouldn't a solution to this problem be to make it more difficult to get married? Like having some kind of compatibility test or something to make sure your marriage has a high chance of success. Then, later on the road, you both realize your marriage isn't working, have an equally hard time getting divorced (I hope I don't sound stupid saying its hard, I've never been divorced.. Or married). I just think if it wasn't so easy getting married then there wouldn't be such high divorce rate.

am I the only one who believes this?

i probably should have chose my words better, I didn't mean anything like a standardized test. I meant something more along the lines of seeing a couples counselor, having to spend a certain amount of time with your gf/bf, ect.


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  • check out this link


    Does the word "vow" even mean anything to people any more? Or did they just fall asleep during all that boring crap during the wedding ceremony where they gave each other their word to stay together. Marriage is such a joke in our society. It really makes you wonder about those people who are always trying to defend it from gays to preserve it's "sanctity". What sanctity?

    • i agree, I hat ehow people just throw it around like its not that big of a deal... I'm trying to follow my sisters example because her and her finace have been together for almost 9 years, and theyre getting married in less then 3 weeks.


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  • no...not at all, these are people who are making their own decisions...the reason most marrages end in divorses is because people forget thqat relationships TAKE WORK...everyone is so ready to just be fed up and can't put something out there and say well you didn't answer this correctly about the other so sorry you can't get married...thats NOT how america works...people need to understand that with ANY relationship there are ups and there are downs...if people actually worked at their relationships as hard as they worked at their jobs there would be a less divorse rate then there is now...people forget that you're going to argue and some of them will be ugly, but you have to look past that, you have to remember why you fell in love with that person you can't jsut give up because you fight, fighting is normal...but you also have to be mature and regulate it...look you make a vow to someone and that's your shouldn't be broken, I believe another reason for high divorse rates is people are moving way too fast and getting married way too young...IMO you need to date for AT LEAST a year, THEN move in together for a full year, at the end of that if you two are doing great as you were before you moved in, then engaged for a year (thats 2 years of living together) by the end of that 2nd year I'm 100% sure you can decide if you can live with that person for the rest of your never really know how much you can handle till you live together...but hey that's just my way in hell is someone going to prevent me from getting married to the women I want, as you can see I've thought it out pretty just because mr and mrs 18 year old think they wanna get married that's their decision, do I agree, maybe not, maybe I think they should take things slowly...but that's NOT my decision to descide if they are ready to get married...i know people who are high school sweethearts and they are doing just have to pick which battles to win and which to lose...its 50/50 when your married, people need to grow up

    • this makes so much sence. and when I said test I didn't mean like a standardized test, I meant something along the lines of what you said, like having some long process that truly shows the two are compatible, not just how much they know about each other. but I really like your insight and I'm not planning on forgetting it

  • Well I haven't thought about that! That actually sounds like a good solution but you can't say who's right for each other. They should just have to show more commitment and loving couple signs in a test but then again the test would have to apply to that person.. yeah but the idea is brilliant in my opinion.. More families and kids would be happier, and not shoot up their schools.

    • yeah I agree, but when I said test I didn't mean like some survey or written test, more like a trial process, or anything that would stop those las vegas marriages or kids my age getting hitched

  • Maybe not necessarily harder to get married, but people should take it upon themselves to not marry out of whimsical lust. Way too many people get married either because they think they are ready with that person, they think it's just the steps that they should be following, or some other goofy reason. When people get into the middle of a marriage only to realize that they didn't really know the person or failed to account for something, then they run for the divorce lawyer in order to get out. People are way too impulsive with both marriage and divorce, which is part of the reason why divorce rates are so high.

  • Yeah, the divorce rate does get me worried, but I still believe in marriage and so do most of the people around me.


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  • I agree with you, I even heard it was over 60% and some states don't even make their stats public course they're so worse.

    I don't think should become harder to get married necessarily, but like the others said people should start valuing marriage higher again. A test, wouldn't work, it'd be like college entry tests they might give you a slight impression but are lot of times inaccurate, also you can't people tell who they should marry or not.

    Maybe on the other hand we should make it harder to get a divorce

    • well I didn't mean like a college entry test, I mean like specific tests for certain people. as another answerer said, it should be a requirment to spend a certain amount of years with someone before allowing them to get married, which is exaclty what I had in mind but couldn't find the right words lol