How often should I talk to this girl I like?

We have a dinner date setup for 2 weeks from yesterday. My question is how often should I try to talk to this girl through texting, email, instant chat, ect.?

She doesn't usually send me things to start convos, so I worry that I will appear needy if I'm always talking to her but at the same time I want to show I'm not ingnoring her. I'm asking because I have noticed on facebook chat lately she has been kind of short, answering my questions, but not really engaging me.


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  • obv you shouldn't try and talk to her everydayy but if you send her a random text here or there or a message that's fine so she knows your still interested. she prob isn't sending you stuff first to see if you will try first to see how into her you really are. she's prob nervous about fully engaging you right away because she may be afraid of letting you see too much at once? I don't know it could be a bunch of things but def try and talk to her every couple of days or so basically whenver you feel like having a convo jsut maybe not everyday...


What Guys Said 1

  • Well, you shouldn't get too engaged into her either. In all honesty, when a girl is not really engaging (which includes most girls), there is no need to try that hard. They probably look at your facebook page more than you look at theirs, contemplating and procrastinating on how to talk to you. A lot of girls do have the social networking skills to talk to somebody properly, so an easy way out is to send out short messages "to be safe." For that reason, you can email/text/IM about once or twice a week. Reason: it won't stress you out. Of course, you can text her sometime near your dinnerdate to see if she is still going. I hope that helps.