He is never the first one to IM me?

I really like this guy, who has a girlfriend, but he has shown interest in me. We are also very good friends, which is why I IM him, however, he is never the first one to call, text, or IM me. Its always me first. However, when we do talk, he always seems very engaged in the conversation. What should I do? Should I keep IMing him first or should I wait and see if he IMs me?


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  • He shows no interest because he has a girlfriend. I applaud him for not taking any action. You need to find another guy who [ doesn't ] have a girlfriend.


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  • nope, stop initiating and let him contact you first. that way you can really tell whether or not he's actually pursuing you. (to be honest you shouldn't be encouraging him because he has a girlfriend anyways.. but whatever)

  • Well you said it, he has a girlfriend. You have to remember that you are just a friend and that's it. If he really did like you, he would've been with you and not her.

    I think you should back off a little and let him IM you.