I'm married, he has a long time girlfriend.....?

Why would he risk his relationship to go out with a married woman? It's not for the sex because we haven't had any. We have been meeting each other for 10mos now. We kiss and hold hands and laugh and have a good time with eachother. He lives with her, says he doesn't want to marry her, and he knows I'm no longer in love with my husband, I mean it's obvious neither of us are in love anymore with are partners or we would not be sneaking around and meeting eachother, agreed? So my question is, why is he risking his realtionship to see me? I know why I'm risking mine.

Please no lectures, just a thought or opinion about the question would be nice. Thanks!


Most Helpful Guy

  • Infatuation. When a man is infatuated with a woman he exagerates all her qualities making her perfect in his mind. The male fantasy of women is different from the reality we encounter after knowing someone for years. Every smile you give and giggle you make every sweet thing you do makes us feel as if your an angel. We feel so ggod just to be around that school girl happiness. And the sweetness you have makes us feel euphoric. The problem is we don't realize your human because of how good we feel around you. Once these infatuation feelings end we start to see the flaws we all have. But if you weren't special he wouldn't be infatuated with you in the first place.