Why do you think marriages don't last these days?

Lately I have noticed that marriages don't last long at all these days. It seems as if people get married then get a divorce a year or two later. Why do you think this is so?


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  • Well, I think it has to do a lot with having sex before your married and not putting God first. Think about it for a sec, God meant for sex to be saved for after marriage, why? Because it is meant to be a special bond of man and woman that makes them as one flesh, that comes directly from the Bible. So, if people have sex before they are married they are becoming "one flesh" so to speak with multiple people, therefore they leave a apart of their feelings with that person when they breakup or whatever. So, when they finally get married they are a mess, they have emotions for others in the past who theve slept with, and this creates tensions and causes them to not give their whole self to their partner then each person starts to resent the other. The other reason is that when people get married they tend to think about themselves not wanting to put God first or thank Him for allowing you to find a wife/husband. So again they are so focused on themselves that resentment comes up and they both end up hating the relationship so they decide to bail out, marriage is forever and if you chose wrongly then you should have to deal with it, God will get you through, the Bible says that the only reason a person can get a divorce is if your spouse cheats on you, that is all no exceptions. People forget that marriage is a promise made before God.

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      I really agree with u.I have also heard that if someone sleeps with many people like a girl sleeps with many guys it's like a bond is formed and the guy's soul claims that's my wife so many souls wil b claiming you are theirs so it becomes a problem when the person gets married .Hope this makes sence.

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      saying flesh like that sounds very nasty... yet kinky.

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      I totally agree